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Episode One – Could Newcastle have got a better manager than Rafael Benitez?

This week Jon, Paddy, Migsy and Robin wield the mics for the first episode of the podcast.

(Due to a technical problem, the sound quality this week is not quite up to our high standards, for which we apologise profusely)

The team discuss a number of Talking Points:

  • I’m on the High Roid… Drugs in Scotland

Paddy addresses the issues thrown up by the recent BBC article which revealed the lack of regular drug tests in Scottish football.

  • Dead and Boro-ed? Aitor Karanka’s Woes

Migsy asks the team what their thoughts are on the situation at Middlesbrough. How can a team that were flying in the league go wrong in such dramatic fashion.

  • Luka-coup? Is Romelu pulling the wool over our eyes?

Jon responds to his Twitter gaffe this week by asking ‘Are Lukaku’s statistics due in part to the fact that he is serviced by a team who are more committed to attacking than defending?’. These stats, though, are hard to argue against.

  • I Gotta Get Outta This Place – Players who thrive out of the Premier League

Robin turned our attention to the recent Guardian piece which looked at the most influential transfers in the foreign leagues this season. Why, he asked, were the majority of these players individuals who had struggled in the Premier League?  And how could their recent upturn in form be explained?

The team then moved on to answer the Question that No One is Asking, which this week was:

Could Newcastle have got a better manager than Rafael Benitez?


If you have a question that you would like the team to answer or if you have any feedback about the podcasts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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