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Episode Four – Do Footballers have a Social Responsibility?


With Migsy still in exile, the team subbed in the Rev Dr Simon Ravenscroft as a more than competent Spurs replacement. He joined Jon, Robin and Paddy in the underground bunker in which the recording takes place.


As is the custom, they discussed a number of Talking Points:

  • Let’s get the Boys on the Blaise – the Rise of PSG and What It Means

After a fan complained about our ‘paucity of Blaise Matuidi talk’ on last week’s episode, Robin spent his time discussing the Paris St Germain midfield. He asked the team what the future holds for PSG beyond a tilting at the Champions League?

  • Getting a Bonar: The Drugs Scandal at the Heart of British Sport

Paddy cannot turn down the chance to talk about drugs in sport and so he was dancing with glee when The Sunday Times revealed a sting operation (that’s a police sting rather than The Police’s Sting) which uncovered a Dr Bonar who claimed to be prescribing 150 British sports stars with illegal substances. How serious are the claims? What will the eventual outcome be? Tune in and listen to Paddy’s ‘Roid Rage’.

  • The Red Nevilles? Will Gary Ever Be Able to Show his Face Again?

Oh  dear, Gary Neville. Not so Sky Sports Punditry Team now are we? Jon assesses Neville’s fleeting career at Valencia before asking the panel whether Neville has what it takes to be a great manager.

  • The Hutton Enquiry: Was Harry’s or Mauricio’s Tottenham better?

Tottenham are looking rather good this season. Simon wants to know just how good. As a way of answering the question, he compares the Spurs of 2010-11 with the present day squad. Who’s better? ‘Arry? or Poch?

They then moved on to tackle the Question that No One is Asking:

Do footballers have a Social Responsibility?

In addition to this discussion and in association with a number of charities, the team have produced an infographic which shows what could be achieved if the top 15 well-paid footballers gave 1% of their earnings to good causes.

You can also vote in this week’s Twitter poll: Should footballers be held up as role models?


If you have a question that you would like the team to answer or if you have any feedback about the podcasts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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