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Episode Seven – Team for team, what is the best league in Europe?


Rejoice! For the Prodigal Son has returned! Migsy is finally back from his work experience in the Big City and joins Robin and Jon for this week’s Baroque pastiche of light and colour.


Following the old traditions, the team discuss a number of Talking Points:

  • Pimp My Riyad – Did the PFA pick the right Player of the Year?

In a season in which Leicester City seem now to be nailed on to win the title, it seems fitting that one of their players should win the PFA Player of the Year Award. This doesn’t stop Migsy from asking whether or not the right man was given the prize.

  • In a League of their Owen – In which the media get a right Savaging

Why, inquires Robin, is football filled with inarticulate and largely inanimate meat-sacks gracing our television sets pretending to be human? Not only is there a dearth of tactical acumen on display, but these purportedly human beings seem completely devoid of anything approaching a personality. Is enough enough? Robin nearly gives himself a hernia finding out.

  • MLS Congeniality? Will the Brits ever “get” soccer?

Oh say can you see? Well yes… the MLS is on S*y TV these days. But will it ever reach the heady heights of La Liga or even the Eredivisie within the front rooms of Modern Britain? Jon asks the team if they think this could ever be possible and what might help the MLS reach out to the British populace.

They then turn their attention to the Question No One is Asking which this week is:

Team for team, which is the best league in Europe?

The question begins with a reference to this blog in the FT.

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