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Episode Eight – Should clubs look beyond ex-pros in their search for a manager?


In a week where Louis van Gaal gave everyone a lesson in Sexual Education, MigsyRobin and Jon are back together to make hot, sweet, footballing love.


Starting early with the European Championship hype, the team have procured a Panini sticker book and this episode begins with a joyous return to a lost time.

In an almost Pavlovian feat of conditioning, the team discuss a number of Talking Points:

  • Manage-a-trois? Louis van Gaal and Sex Masochism

The only place for hair pulling is in the bedroom, according to the Manchester United manager. In light of this timely advice given to Robert Huth in his pursuit of Marouane Fellaini, Migsy asks what it is about football managers that makes them so odd?

  • Kante’s Critique of Pure Football – Why We Need to Look Beyond the Ball

Football players only possess the ball for an average of 53 seconds a game. Why then, Jon questions, do we value the best ball players over those who are effective off the ball? He suggests N’Golo Kante challenges our perception of what a good footballer really is and whether this will change the way that football transfers will be done in the future.

If you haven’t already, have a listen to our interview with football statistician, Michael Caley. And read this by Jamie Hamilton.

  • Oh Leicester, my Leicester! On the Etiquette of Glory Supporting

Everyone loves Leicester these days. But maybe we love them too much? Robin inquires into the etiquette about celebrating the success of a team that you have no real affinity with. Are we in danger of appropriating the Leicester City fairy tale?

They then turn their attention to the Question No One is Asking which this week is:

Should clubs look beyond ex-pros in their search for a manager?

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