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Episode Ten – What were the lowlights of the 2015/16 season?


There is an old German adage which claims ‘All things have an end – except a sausage which has two’. This may be true of the Premier League season but is certainly not true of A Team of John O’Sheas. This week the Team fields the centre-back pairing of Paddy and Robin protected by Ceylon and Jon in central midfield. The remaining seven players are conspicuously absent.


At the beginning of the episode, the Panini sticker book is out and we find the Team going head to head in a game of Face Swap. In what must be groundbreaking radio, Robin appears to be the only member competent at the game.

As per usual, the team discuss a number of Talking Points:

  • Sweet FA – Is the inequality really being eradicated from the Women’s game?

Citing Jon’s article on women’s football (positively, he adds), Ceylon asks how the women’s game can ever attain its own standing when it still seems to be riddled with gendered ideas. Should we not be talking about Farah Williams and Karen Carney in their own right as footballers rather than focussing upon their lives off the field?

  • Making a Rash decisi…? Oh forget it – Rising Star or Same Old, Same Old?

Marcus Rashford is the flavour of the month. Is he really that good? Jon (begrudgingly) looks at the stats and wonders what sort of criteria Roy Hodgson employs when selecting his squad.

  • Newcastle are now Benitez in the League… Fairytale of New Castle?

Robin probably loves Rafael Benitez too much. He question for the team – in spite of his claims that it is tongue in cheek – is: will Rafa bring Newcastle back into the Premier League and make them Champions within the space of two seasons? (Spoiler: The answer is no…)

They then turn their attention to the Question No One is Asking which this week is:

What were the lowlights of the 2015/16 season?

Here are the pictures that the Team were given in the Face Swap game. Try to guess the face on John O’Shea’s head:



If you have a question that you would like the team to answer or if you have any feedback about the podcasts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


t: @teamofjohnoshea

f: A Team of John O’Sheas Facebook Page




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