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Episode Eleven – What would a League of Champions look like?

In a week where Louis van Gaal was sacked at the only point in his managerial career and Manchester United where he didn’t deserve to get sacked, Paddy, Migsy and Jon are back together to pull the hair of the clumsy Belgian that is the world of football.


As ever, they discuss a number of Talking Points:

  • Raisin D’Etre – Where for United after Louis?

Migsy talks about the shocking manner in which Manchester United conducted their business this weekend. What does this tell us about United, he asks, and do they run the risk of ruining a well-established brand?

  • Over the League-al Limit – Does English football need a restructure?

Paddy is always game for a bit of novelty. The news about the future restructuring of the English football leagues has piqued his interest. Why, he wonders, should the new 5 leagues of 20 system make life easier for anyone? And which 8 teams would you add?

  • 4-3-3? 4-4-2? Ahhh – There is nothing I can do…

The thinking man’s football pundit is back. This time Jon’s talking formations. 4-4-2 was supposed to be dead. But with Leicester City and Atletico Madrid, it seems to be in rude health. What does this tell us about football tactics?

They then move on to discuss the Question that No One is Asking, which this week is: What would a League of Champions look like?

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