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Episode Fourteen – Is the Copa America better than the Euros?

In a week where England managed to scrape five points from a group that included a Russian team well on the come down, RobinNico and Jon  are back together to play the crossfield ball to Kyle Walker that is the world of football.


Football, football, football. We all love football. But do we really? Have we actually enjoyed watching Gareth Bale passion the ball into the goal from freekicks? And who, apart from their entire fanbase and the media circus who follow them, could find anything positive to say about England’s tournament so far? Turn your mind to the West, though and you’ll find an international tournament with way more Va-Va-Voom – the Copa America Centenario is currently being held in the US. Our question this week asks: is the Copa America better than the Euros?

Before that though, following the French security forces rigorous stadia protection policies, the team discuss a number of talking points from the previous week in football:

Our South American correspondent, Nico Rostrepo, kicks things off with a question about late goals in the Euros – why have there been so many in this tournament, he wonders? And which are our favourite late goals within the history of football?

Taking a break from his time in The Priory, Robin inquires into the other 87 minutes of the matches in the Euros. Why, he asks, would you even bother turning the TV on until the last 5 minutes. And does this mean that international football has reached a nadir.

The thinking man’s football pundit, Jon, turns the Team’s attention to individual players in this summer’s tournament. Zlatan, Bale, Kane, Ronaldo – all players who are expected to do well but have in fact disappointed. Is there any reason why this might be the case?

All this and much more beside in this week’s episode of A Team of John O’Sheas.


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