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Episode Fifteen – What is your Hipster XI from Euro 2016?

In a week in which there was an historic referendum in the UK, the England national side has finally complied with the will of the people – leaving Europe in double quick time. Accordingly, we are going to be Brexiting the mainstream chat as ever, asking the Team instead who are in your Hipster XIs of the European Championships so far?


Before that though, at the behest of Jean-Claude Juncker, the Team discuss a number of Talking Points from the week in football.

Having been too busy house-hunting in Rejkjavik to conjure up any doping allegations this week, Paddy wants to talk about England’s ignominious departure against minnows Iceland.

Having been unfairly maligned for predicting that Iceland wouldn’t beat any decent teams, Cristiano Ronaldo has turned his tournament around. Robin asks if he can drag Portugal kicking and screaming to the final.

Nico, pushing the boat out this week, heads to South America. He looks at yet another Argentinian failure and asks why Messi and co. find winning finals more difficult than a wet Wednesday night in Stoke.

On top of that, we’ll be discussing our predictions for the rest of Euro 2016 and hearing from Jon about his trip to the EU all in this week’s edition of A Team of John O’Sheas.

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