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Episode Nineteen – How would you change the rules of the game?

In a week where Arsenal effectively managed to avoid signing Gonzalo Higuain for another successive season, the team are back to Wenger the transfer market that is the world of football.

Whatever else their sins may be, you can’t fault FIFA for being slow off the mark. Mainly because the mark went out of circulation a number of years ago. This summer, they announced a raft of new laws – most completely superfluous but others well overdue. Not ones to accept the status quo, this week we ask what more could be done: posing the question “What would you change about the rules of the game?”

Before that though, in line with Melania Trump’s speech to the Republican Conference this week (or was it Michelle Obama to the Democrats eight years ago?), the Team discuss a number of Talking Points from the week in football. This week sees a new twist however. Fed up of editing endless Talking Points, Jon has introduced time limits. And a preferential voting system. Expect controversy.

This will allow extra time for some Organised Fun. This week, Robin and Paddy try to guess the players on Jon’s All Time Favourite XI.

Robin, football’s version of a three day hangover, has managed to win over the electorate in our Brave New World of Democratic Talking Points. He asks whether or not it was really Alex Ferguson who ruined Man united. Yeah. Edgy af.

The thinking person’s football pundit is back after a few week’s break from Talking Points. Jon raises the subject of Malcolm Gladwell’s distinction between weak link games and strong link games. Is it really the case that clubs should invest more in their weaker players in order to succeed in the transfer window?

Having dragged himself away from reading When Saturday Comes articles about the importance of half-spaces in a microbrewery in Portland, Paddy is back to burrow through the dirty laundry of the world of football. This week it’s state corruption in Spain and its benefits for La Liga teams that have Pique-ed his interest.

All this and much more beside in this week’s episode of A Team of John O’Sheas.


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