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Episode Twenty-Two – Could Hull City do a Leicester and win the Premier League?

In a week where our predictions of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s dismal failure and Liverpool’s meteoric rise to title contention look ropier Ryan Lochte’s Nobel Peace Prize chances, the team are back to vandalise the public bathroom that is football.

Another of our predictions which is looking far from assured, is the imminent and dismal relegation of Hull City back to the Championship from whence they came. With no permanent manager, a threadbare squad and a number of important amateur voices in football writing them off it looked bleak for the Tigers. However, with two wins from two under their belt, including an opening day victory against the premier league champions, we ask: “Could Hull City ‘Do a Leicester’ and win the Premier League?”

This week, the thinking man’s football pundit has used his phenomenal brain power to remember the email addresses and passwords for the most twitter accounts, and has thus won our talking point poll. He asks if the continuing professionalization of sports is making the playing field too level, and thus boring.

Having survived for an extra week on the meagre scraps of the Premier League, at last we can once again feast on the buffet that is Serie A. I’ll be giving a brief round-up of the opening weekend, talking the race for the title and discussing some notable players who don’t play for Arsenal.

Football punditry’s answer to a Walkman with a beard is back and he’s unsurprisingly doing his best to avoid talking about football. What’s not football and has loads of doping? The Olympics? Perfect! Paddy asks if Team GB’s funding model could be applied to improve the lacklustre fortunes of the England National Team.

It’s also fallen on Paddy to come up with some slightly better organized fun this week so presumably we’ll be seeing who can name the most winners of the Norwegian Tippaleagen or something equally as cool and obscure.

All this, and more besides in this week’s episode of A Team of John O’Sheas.


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