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Question Forty – Football in Dystopia?

We’ve gone through a bit of a turbulent political period of late. Brexit, Trump, the rise of the European right and whatever in God’s name is going on in North Korea. Luckily however, we have Paul Nuttall, who this week singlehandedly managed to achieve peace in the Middle East, find the Lost of Ark of the Covenant and create a cure for cancer… I’m joking. He didn’t do any of those things. And he never will.

I genuinely struggle to think of a worse person than Paul Nuttall.

Will Geeson is back this week. Revived and motivated following his trip – sorry, pilgrimage – to the Peter Mandelson Heritage Centre he’s ready to join us in answering this week’s question no is answering and even fewer people will listen to: how will our beloved football look in the inevitable dystopia that will be the year of 2026?

If you have a question that you would like the team to answer or if you have any feedback about the podcasts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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