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Make a Case and Organised Fun Forty-One – ‘Time to Say Goodbye’

Only 10 months ago, Andrea Bocelli serenaded a triumphant Leicester City with classics such as “We Are the Champions” and “Nessun Dorma”. The heart wrenchingly emotional set ended with Bocelli’s own “Time to Say Goodbye”. At that moment it was impossible to conceive that it would become prophetic.


Now the dream has faded, Ding Dong, Ranieri’s gone. No more pizza, no more Kante, no more boxers on Match of the Day. The powers that be in modern football have struck back with a vengeance and our dear Claudio has paid the ultimate price.
In the rat race that is football management in the premier league, a string of hopefuls are lined up to try and do the impossible and “Make Leicester Great Again”. Could it be old Woy? Should we ‘give it giggseh til end of season’? Could Shakespeare himself play his part in a true footballing tragedy?

This week the team are taking it in turns to ‘make a case’ for various candidates for the Leicester vacancy. To add an appropriate level of risk to proceedings, the contenders will be randomly selected using a powerful complicated number generator also known pulling pieces of paper out of a bowl.

The self declared ‘older man’s thinking football pundit’ Jon Mackenzie is organising fun this week. As someone who grew up playing Tetris on a Sega MegaDrive let’s hope he can provide a more up to date gaming experience today. Luckily for Will Geeson, fine linen jumpers will never fall out of fashion. He returns alongside Patrick McCloskey who has recently embarked upon establishing a clothing line for the podcast.

All this and more beside in this week’s episode of ‘A Team of John O’Sheas’…

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