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Quickfire and Organised Fun Forty-Three – Can I be Frank with you?

In a week where George Osbourne got all the jobs, the Team are back to celebrate the burgeoning inequality that is the world of football.

Is that… Chris Brunt… in the studio…. What could he possibly want? In fact it’s Chris Wagner – football’s answer to Chris Brunt – who hasn’t been on the podcast since he appeared on the second most listened to podcast we’ve ever made. Is this our response to dropping listening figures? Is there anyone even listening to this? Is there any meaning to anything? These, however, are questions that everyone is asking and are, therefore, off topic…

We’re giving some of the panel’s unpopular opinions this week. Which is good because we’ve got Paddy McCloskey on today… all of who’s opinions are unpopular. He’s joined by Ceylon who was given more than five minute’s notice today. The ever present Jon Mackenzie is here to make quorum.

Despite the recent debacle of the philosophy puns, Paddy is doing Organised Fun again this week. We never learn.

All this and more besides in this week’s episode of a Team of John O’Sheas.


If you have a question that you would like the team to answer or if you have any feedback about the podcasts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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