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Question Fifty-One – Narrate me like one of your French leagues

In a week in which Jose Mourinho claimed that a semi-final match against Celta Vigo was the ‘most important match of Manchester United’s history’, the team is back to spout the bollocks that is the world of football.

Narrative, narrative, narrative. That’s all we bloody get these days. Far be it from us at A Team of John O’Sheas to suggest that the actual football we watch should be enjoyable in some way. Now it seems as though the players have left it to the media to add the finishing touches to their playing style. Conte is now the greatest manager for thinking of playing 3 at the back. Arsenal want Wenger out until the point at which they realise he won’t be out and then they want him in in order that they might do well enough that when they get him out in the summer it’ll be all ok. Tony Pulis gets to 40 points and then stops playing – says the media who basically wait until Tony Pulis gets to 40 points then publish articles on how he only gets to 40 points EVERY SEASON. Marco Silva is a great manager despite Hull going down. Paul Clement is a shit manager despite keeping Swansea up. And lets not even get started on the European leagues.

This week, our question is this: does a proliferation of media narratives about a football league indicate that the league is in a terrible condition? Well… it will be the question when we finally work out what a narrative is in the first place…

All this and more beside on this week’s episode of A Team of John O’Sheas…


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