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Summer Break – Liverpool

It has become something of a received wisdom within the present day that the mainstream media exist as the pinnacle of what is possible in sports journalism. Whilst it is not in our interest to reject this assumption, here at A Team of John O’Sheas we believe that some of the most perceptive insight regarding the top teams in the country comes from the fans themselves.

In the course of this podcast series, we will be bringing together some of the most influential fans from across the Premier League to give you the low-down on the teams that they watch week in, week out. We’ll look back over the season just gone, try to get a handle on the transfer activity that rumbles on through the summer months, and look forwards to the next season which, as always, seems to creep up on us with ever increasing speed.

In this episode, we find ourselves back in Liverpool although in the red half this time. The Northern city is a great place to be for fans of football at the present moment. With Everton pushing up towards to top 6, Liverpool found themselves back in the top 4 after a couple of season’s absence. That said, it wasn’t quite the breeze that it might have been and, in the end, they rather crawled over the finish line. But with Champions League qualification assured, the club will hardly care about that now. With Jurgen Klopp going into his second full season, though, the fans will really be looking for some improved from the side. Defensive frailties last season are yet to be addressed and the club’s transfer policy this summer have seemed to have caused more harm than good. So in many respects, this season is the reckoning: will Klopp succeed in silencing his critics? Or will this season prove to be his ruin?

Joining us today are two familiar names from the world of Liverpool football media: Chris Williams and Andrew Beasley. Chris is a UEFA Accredited Football Journalist and Host of the Runner podcast on The Anfield Index. Beyond this, he writes for thisisanfield and is a contributor on the Gegenpressing pod, FutbolgradLive’s Bundesliga podcast. Andrew is freelance football journalist who has written predominantly in the area of statistical analysis. His articles have appeared on website such as Anfield Index,, and EPLIndex.


If you have a question that you would like the team to answer or if you have any feedback about the podcasts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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