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S02E02 – Premier League Preview, Part 2

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

It is a dark time for football podcasts… Although Mark Lawrenson has been destroyed, the mainstream media have driven the independent broadcasters from their online platforms and pursued them across the galaxy.

Evading the Guardian Football Weekly, a group of individuals claiming to be freedom fighters and led by James Richardson have established a new podcast which is basically exactly the same but which will bring in even more money for the mainstream media types.

Whilst it is not in our interest to reject this assumption, throughout the summer months, our heroes have continued with their weekly football podcast which answers the questions that no one is asking and certainly no one is paying for.

By slowly covering in depth all twenty teams in the Premier League, our little band of rebels have managed to capture a little corner of the football podcast market.

But now, with the Great Podcast War of 2017 entering its bitterest period of fighting, they have chosen once again to buck the trends of mainstream journalism and chart a potentially disastrous course… they have chosen to return to their in season format and risk ruining all the good work they have achieved.

Welcome to A Totally of John O’Sheas Season Two, a series which we are calling A New Hope…


If you have a question that you would like the team to answer or if you have any feedback about the podcasts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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