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Question Forty – Football in Dystopia?
Quickfire Question and Organised Fun Forty – ‘Jan Koller’
Quickfire Question and Organised Fun Thirty-Nine – ‘The Seven Wonders of Football’
Question Thirty-Nine – What makes a footballing cult hero?
Question Thirty-Eight – Do managers have a shelf life?
Quickfire Question and Organised Fun Thirty-Eight – ‘Jlloyd Samuel’
Question Thirty-Seven – Is there a correct way to support a football club?
Talking Points and Organised Fun Thirty-Seven – ‘Bastian Schweinsteiger’
Question Thirty-Six – Who would win between a right-footed XI and a left-footed XI?
Talking Points and Organised Fun Thirty-Six – ‘Southern Rail’
Question Thirty-Five – How do you explain the Steven N’Zonzi phenomenon?
Talking Points and Organised Fun Thirty-Five – ‘Ryan Bertrand’s Business Ventures’
Talking Points and Organised Fun Thirty-Five – ‘Gascoigne’s Hair’
Episode Thirty-Four – How to stop the FA Cup from sliding into oblivion?
Episode Thirty-Three – Who is in your Flop XI?
Episode Thirty-Two – A Meme of John O’Sheas
Episode Thirty-One – How have video games affected football?
Episode Thirty – Does anyone actually enjoy football?
Episode Twenty-Nine – All the Questions No One is Asking
Episode Twenty-Eight – Should football take player welfare more seriously?
Episode Twenty-Seven – Which position has changed most in the modern era?
Episode Twenty-Six – How should Ryan Giggs’ managerial career progress?
Episode Twenty-Five – World’s Sexiest XI vs World’s Ugliest XI
Episode Twenty-Four – Why is nobody talking about Chelsea this season?
Episode Twenty–Three – Who is in your Most Hated XI?
Episode Twenty-Two – Could Hull City do a Leicester and win the Premier League?
Episode Twenty-One – Is there any benefit to having a long-term manager?
Episode Twenty – Premier League Preview 2016/17 Season
Episode Nineteen – What would you change about the rules of the game?
Episode Eighteen – What is your ultimate managerial XI?
Episode Seventeen – Which missing players could have affected the outcome of Euro 2016?
Episode Sixteen – Where would the semi-finalists of Euro 2016 finish in the Premier League?
Episode Fifteen – What is your Hipster XI from Euro 2016?
Episode Fourteen – Is the Copa America better than the Euros?
Episode Thirteen – Which members of the current Manchester United squad would make the team of 99?
Episode Twelve – Who should the next England manager be?
Episode Eleven – What would a League of Champions look like?
Episode Ten – What were the lowlights of the 2015/16 season?
Episode Nine – Who are the worst players to have a Premier League winners’ medal?
Episode Eight – Should clubs look beyond ex-pros in their search for a manager?
Episode Seven – Team for team, which is the best league in Europe?
Episode Six – How should Leicester City spend £50 million over the summer?
Episode Five – Who is the Most Underrated Player in Premier League History?
Episode Four – Do Footballers have a Social Responsibility?
Episode Three – Who would win between France’s Starting XI and their Subs Bench?
Episode Two – Who are the best current XI of uncapped English players?
Episode One – Could Newcastle have got a better manager than Rafael Benitez?
Pilot Episode – How good would a team of John O’Sheas actually be?

The Special


The Special 7: It’s All About the Money, Money, Money…
The Special 6: We’re all Leeds aren’t we?
The Special 5: Six Month Anniversary
The Special 4: Euro 2016 Overview and Final Preview
The Special 3: It’s Wednesday, I’m in Love – Interview with Ronan Reilly
The Special 2: I Don’t Play Soccer, it’s Footy, My Dear – Interview with Kolby Kuwitzky
The Special 1: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics – Interview with Michael Caley
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