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Here at A Team of John O’Sheas, we pride ourselves on answering the questions that no one is asking. Where the mainstream media has often been unashamed in selling itself to the highest bidder with little regard for quality, the Team remain firm believers that football journalism remains an end in itself. As part of our commitment to this cause, we are keen to offer up this website as a space for up-and-coming sports writers who are producing well-written, innovative articles which throw interesting angles on football. All too often, of late, football writing has emphasised the statistical over all else. Whilst we are happy to publish stats-based work, we are eager to redress this balance, welcoming work that tries to articulate the je ne sais quoi that keeps us returning to football as a phenomenon.

We are acutely aware that we will not be able to provide financial remuneration for any submissions to this website. A Team of John O’Sheas is an amateur initiative which is run on a not-for-profit basis at present. As a result, we would encourage people to use this site as a means by which to increase their profile within the over-saturated field of sports journalism with a view to attaining paid work in the long run. We promise that, in future, should we ever reach a point at which we are operating at a profit, these profits will be used to remunerate writers for their hard work. Until that point, however, we would continue to encourage anyone who writes for us to actively look for work that will be rewarded finanicially.

This notwithstanding, we are keen for all the articles that we eventually publish on this site to be of a quality that we ourselves would be happy with diseminating on the internet. As such, we retain the right to refuse any submissions that do not meet these standards. First and foremost, we are concerned to produce good football writing that is well-written and offers a unique perspective on the game. Beyond this, the remit is the author’s own responsibility.

If you would like to submit a piece for consideration, please email us at:

Many thanks!

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